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If you fear returning to your home country then we can help.

Please note that the advice below is no substitute for seeking advice directly from one of our experts as every case is different and is legally and factually unique. In all cases it is essential to obtain our advice as soon as possible.
Delaying your asylum claim can have an adverse impact upon your case.


We are highly rated for our outstanding representation of those in need of asylum. We have handled and managed many high profile asylum claims coupled with extradition and deportation matters. We are able to assist in any asylum, deportation or extradition claim at all levels, including those with complex features and have taken cases as far as the European Court of Human Rights. We can also assist in submitting fresh claims for asylum where appropriate.

If you cannot return to your home country because you have a well-founded fear of persecution, then you may qualify for refugee status.

The 1951 Refugee Convention

To remain in the UK as a refugee you must be unable to live safely in any area of your home country because you fear persecution and the authorities are unable or unwilling to protect you.

This persecution can be because of:








Political Opinion


Membership of a particular social group, i.e your sexual or gender identity

The reason that you cannot return to your home country may develop or escalate when you are in the UK. Even if you have current leave to remain, if you fear returning before that leave expires you must seek advice from us as soon as you think you cannot return home.

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If you do not meet the requirements above you may still be able to remain in the UK if you are at risk of harm in your home country for a reason not covered by the 1951 Refugee Convention; for example because you will be prosecuted and face torture or the death penalty, or death or inhuman and degrading treatment due to withdrawal of medical treatment on return to your home country. If you are successful in your claim you could be granted humanitarian protection in the UK.

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Our solicitors have extensive expertise in this field and can assist you and your family, preparing and submitting your asylum application and providing you with expert legal representation throughout the process.

If your claim is refused and you need to appeal we will ensure that your case is presented at Court with the highest standards of expertise. At Haris Ali Solicitors, we will make sure that you have all the required advice and assistance from our specialist lawyers and Barristers so as to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

Put simply, our immigration solicitors will guide you throughout the process, liaising with all relevant government bodies, including UK Visas and Immigration, British Consulate, overseas agents and where necessary the courts.

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Haris Ali Solicitors can help

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