Child Maintenance Orders

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Child Maintenance

Although the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) or the former Child Support Agency (CSA) can assist in most cases, sometimes it doesn’t have the power to deal with certain cases and it becomes necessary to make an application the court for child maintenance. This could be where the absent parent lives abroad, has a high level of income which is above a specific level, or where you are seeking a contribution to school fees.

The aim is to always initially try and settle your case without using the courts by being amicable, however if court proceedings are required we are able to advise and help you with this process.

A parent of a child is ordered by the court to make financial provision to or for the benefit of the child. This is empowered by the Schedule One of the Children Act 1989. The orders that can be made include; periodical payments, secured periodical payments, lump sums and transfer of property. Additionally, an order for the parent to make a settlement for the benefit of a child can be made by the court.

For unmarried couples, the Applications under Schedule One of the Children Act 1989 can be a powerful and useful resource.

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