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Haris Ali Solicitors are experts in Family law and we have many years experience of handling divorce proceedings, we are here to help guide you through this daunting, stressful and emotional time.

Legal Aid may be available with this service.

Legal aid is government assistance to meet legal costs for persons who are unable to afford legal representation.*

Grounds For Divorce

The fact that marriage has irretrievably broken down is the only grounds for divorce. If at least one of the 5 facts laid down by law is established, a divorce will be granted. These are:


Your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to live with them


Your spouse has behaved in such a way that it would be unreasonable to expect you to continue living together


You have lived apart for two years or more and you both agree to there being a divorce


Your spouse has deserted you for a period of two years or more


You have lived apart for five years or more – a divorce can be secured whether your husband or wife agrees to there being a divorce or not.

Each Divorce Is Unique

Divorce proceedings are not all straightforward. For instance, your spouse may wish to defend the proceedings or, more commonly, fail to cooperate. At Haris Ali Solicitors we aim to only provide solutions to help you overcome these issues.

Depending on your requirements, differing levels of service are offered and fixed fees are always available.

Financial Settlement Following Divorce

One of the main causes of worries when going through a divorce or separation is about the finances, especially where children are involved. Discussing your divorce settlement with one of our expert divorce lawyers will put your mind at ease and ensure you are guided through the complicated process.

We will provide high quality advice on how finances can be sorted fairly and assist you to make an application to Court if this becomes necessary. This can include advice on the following:


Division of the family home and any other property


How savings and investments can be divided


Pension valuations and sharing


Maintenance for a husband/wife and children


International assets/property owned abroad


Enforcing Financial Orders

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