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At Haris Ali Solicitors we want our clients to have the confidence that we will listen, help and support them through a difficult time in their life. We want you to be involved and in control of your family’s future. We are dedicated and determined to assist and progress each client’s case to a satisfying conclusion, one which would have exceeded expectations

Legal Aid may be available with this service.

Legal aid is government assistance to meet legal costs for persons who are unable to afford legal representation.*

Family Law Services


Whether you and your husband or wife has agreed to split amicably or one of you is contesting the divorce, we can help you through this difficult time.

Child Custody

We can help you with a range of issues such as; where the children should live and who can the children see and when as well as maintenance.

Financial Settlements

We can guide you in the following area: Spousal and child maintenance, properties, business assets and international assets.


We can assist you urgently if your child has been brought to the U.K by the other parent without your consent, has been taken to another country by the other parent without your consent.

Domestic Abuse / Violence

Most victims are afraid to seek help as it involves a relative/ spouse/ partner/ family member or where a relationships exists in a household. Victims are not just women but also men and children, who may further suffer as they witness acts of abuse occurring.

There is a misconception that domestic abuse/ violence results in the form of a physical act or injury. However, abuse also takes concerns behaviour that is controlling, emotional/ psychological/ verbal/ sexual/ harassment/ intimidation/ financial and stalking.

It is important to seek protection for not just yourself but also family members who are impacted, particularly children. There a are a number of court orders that we can take action through such as non-molestation and/ or occupation orders.We are here to help and will give you legal advice in complete confidence and sensitivity to provide a remedy to stop such abuse occurring further.

Forced Marriages

A forced marriage is when an individual or both parties have been coerced or forced into a marriage without their will and/ or consent. Victims maybe threatened with physical violence or emotionally blackmailed.

There is no cultural or religious justification for such marriages to take place and it is important that you contact us in the strictest confidence to assist you or someone you may know who is being tricked into going abroad or for the marriage to take place in the UK so that we can obtain emergency orders or injunction to protect the victim.

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