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Haris Ali Solicitors dedicated public law team brings together extensive specialist experience advising and representing on all types of public law issues.

Legal Aid may be available with this service.

Legal aid is government assistance to meet legal costs for persons who are unable to afford legal representation.*

Public law is a way of holding public bodies to account when things go wrong by them.

Public Law

Public bodies consists of (but not limited to) government departments, local authorities/ councils, NHS, prison service, corners court, a decision by the CPS/ Independent Police Complaints Commission. These bodies make thousands of decisions/ policies everyday that impact on individuals, communities or business and when making such decisions they must act fairly and responsibly and must act  in accordance with your human rights.

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Judicial review is a type of court proceeding (a remedy) in which a court examines and considers the lawfulness of a decision or action or omission by a public body. Judicial review is a challenge to the way in which a decision has been made, i.e. it is not a challenge to whether the decision is good or bad, but rather was it made properly. It is only available where there is no other way of challenge, for example where there is no right of appeal.

The grounds for challenge to a decision are: illegality (the public body must know and correctly apply the law to given situations), procedural impropriety or “fairness” (if the public body takes a decision affecting a person that person must be notified and there must be no bias); and unreasonableness (the public bodies conduct or omission must not be “irrational” or “perverse”).

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If there is a decision you want us to challenge we can act for you in the County Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal and even up to the Supreme Court but you must act quickly and without delay as there are strict time limits for judicial review.

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